ITEN 2nd Thursday Mentor Office Hours: Dan Miklovic

2nd Thursday Office Hours will take place at 4240 Duncan Avenue, 2nd Floor, BGB Room. During Office Hours, entrepreneurs will meet one-on-one with an ITEN mentor.

Dan Miklovic is a Research Fellow with LNS Research, a market research company based at the CIC in Cambridge MA. He has a 45+ year background in manufacturing software technology and was with Gartner Group, the worlds largest IT market research company for 15 years prior to joining LNS. At Gartner he was a Managing Vice President. He advises technology firms ranging from small startups to industry leaders like SAP and GE on go-to-market strategies for software used in manufacturing. As an ITEN mentor Dan can advise on how to conduct analyst relations with advisory firms, go-to-market strategy setting and the competitive landscape in almost any area related to manufacturing software technology including predictive analytics, IIoT and ,ability solutions.

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